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We use extrafine (19.5 micron) merino fibre in all of our untreated merino yarns. This is a luxury fibre with an exeptionally soft handle. We have selected longer staple fibres (around 3.5 inches/85mm which is long for merino fibre) to reduce pilling.

The ethical sourcing of our fibre is very important to us. We source all of our Australian merino fibre (treated and untreated) from farms where high standards of animal welfare are required and animal husbandry practices ensure the basic physiological and behavioural needs of the sheep are met.

All of the Australian merino fibre we buy is from sheep that have not been mulesed. The wool fibre complies with the Australian wool industry administered National Wool Declaration Scheme under which growers declare that the wool is from sheep that have not been mulesed. This declaration is subject to independent verification checks and farm inspections.

This yarn has been dyed using professional quality acid dyes and then rinsed and washed in gentle wool soap.

Skeins are 100g/225 metres/246 yards. They are delivered in the skein so you will need a swift and ball winder. If you would like me to send the yarn wound into a cake, please let me know.


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